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unbelievable facts । Incredible facts have been brought to you so that you will know some things that you do not know.

unbelievable facts
Today we will tell you about some secret that you will not know, something that everyone does not know, unbelievable facts have been brought to you so that you will know some things that you do not know.

1) Which country is not on land?
 Answer) Asgardia (It is a satellite kingdom that revolves around the Earth. It is a man-made kingdom invented by Dr. Og Ashrabali)

 2) Which creature never dies (immortal)?
 Answer) Jellyfish (if it will not be killed, it can live forever)

 3) Which country has 13 months in its calendar?
 Answer) Ethiopia

 4) Which organism has the largest eyes?

 Answer) giant squid

 5) Which organism has rectangular eyes?

 Answer) Octopus

 6) Which is the song of India which has been viewed (1) billion times on YouTube

 Answer) Friends, this song is Punjabi which is uploaded on the T series channel, it is a song (Long Way Main Cardamom).

 7) Friends, do you know why mosquito bites us?

 Answer) The main food of a mosquito is not the blood of humans,…
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Excessive smoking causes health damage. Smoking harmful/tobacco effects

careful Tobaco effect Avoid Smoking Harm
            Excessive smoking causes health damage. Smoking harmful / tobacco effects

Smoking cigarettes of men and women infects the functioning of the worm. Smile reduces the level of atrogen in women, which reduces bone density and increases the risk of osteoporosis. Friends, people nowadays are seen smoking or consuming alcohol. is. Let me tell you that many people adopt a smile due to their hobbies, this includes women, but both men have different hormones in the same way, both have different effects in most ways. Seeing that women make CFCs without hobbies, there are some men who also teach friend girls but fond drinkers remember the secret in a few days. Is not used and that turn always drink

Many smokers who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day have seen a decrease in sperm count, as well as a 60 percent risk of erectile dysfunction in such people. According to a study, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, etc. According to…

Kiss day 2020 | Kissing is very beneficial for health, know how

Happy kiss day 2020
Monday / 13/April/ 2020  Monday Saturday / 06 / julay/ 2019

Monday /13/April/2020 = Kiss Day probably no one will know, today we are going to tell you which date is going to be on which date in 2020. I have told you, along with this, we will tell you that you will hardly know the benefits of doing it.

(More information)
Robot 2.0 full movie download now Saturday/06/July/2019= kiss day In 2019, which day was on Saturday July, a lot of people enjoyed it and tell me what are the benefits of doing so, I will tell you through this article, the benefits of doing what

 Kiss Day Kissing is very beneficial for health, know how?  A 'kiss' that is full of love is not only a cute way to express your feelings, but is also very helpful in solving many problems related to your health.  A smooch definitely keeps the doctor away from you because kissing or kissing has health benefits from head to toe.  Come see what health and lifestyle related benefits that are associated with k…

Movie download site | HD movie 300MB 1080P

Movie download sites
Download Movie How
 to Download Movie from Here
 Movie Download 5 Sites

Robot 2.0 movie download
Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about the movie download site from where you can download the movie is absolutely free and you can also play online and watch it in the video and I am not promoting any site.  Just telling you how to download a movie, many people are unable to download the movie and YouTube Amazon prime many sites where to watch movies.  A has to pay

Movie download (5) site
 Friends, today I will tell you five websites from which you can download the movie and you will go to the website and write your search flood option by clicking on it, you can search and download the movie of your favorite

Website.  👉 Moviepoint.
Friends moviepoint. You will get a movie here after a few days of its release, you can play it online or download it or you have a very amazing website to download the movie.

Website 👉 extramovies.
extramovies   is also a great movie d…

What is the difference between LTE and VoLTE | LTE and VoLTE

 What is the difference between LTE and VoLTE | LTE and VoLTE


Today, almost all smartphones are coming with 4G features, but 4G technology is also of two types.  Because of this, many customers are a bit confused about LTE and VoLTE.  Many people do not know what is the difference between these LTE and VoLTE and what is the benefit of smartphone to them.  Let me tell you that VOLTE smartphone is a little more expensive than LTE smartphone and what is the reason why it will be known after reading this post.

Before the launch of Jio, most of the people of India used to have 3G smartphones because at that time 4G data was very expensive due to which many people hesitated to run the net in their mobile but when Jio 4G network was launched, Indians  The demand for 4G smartphones in the market had increased very fast as Jio had provided free data at the time of launch and due to Jio many people shift from 3G phones to 4G phones…

Google all service | Take advantage of Google All Services

About google company all site about google company a
branch of Google, Google all site

Google, the world's largest company of the Internet, Google will probably be someone who does not know Google, they are illiterate or have read and talked about Google, then everyone knows about Google but I will tell you today that Google is all about Google.  How many branches does it have and how does it work

Google is a search engine on which you can search a lot and it gets results, but you can also do business on Google, for this, it has launched many branches with the help of which you can do business on Google and you  If Google promotes too, today we will know about Google's All Branch

Friends, many programs of Google, which have to pay for doing this and it is quite free, we mostly use some applications like, google play store and google music youtube chrome browser, we are not able to use the rest.  It is known that I have given information in this article, which site i…

How to withdraw money from PF | PF withdraw money government site

How to withdraw money from PF
PPF Whether the job is government or private, everyone's money is deducted.  Although the money of this fund is usually called saving for retirement, but if suddenly needed, you can withdraw it.  By the way, the general rule is that this money can be withdrawn in two ways, but it can be withdrawn if necessary in emergency.  The Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has now made it necessary to change its rules that if it is to withdraw money, then it has to apply only online.  In such a situation, it is important that everyone is fully aware of this.  Withdrawing PF money online is quite easy.  It took a long time to withdraw PF money before going online

 But now this process has become easier, and time is also less.
 Let us know what is the rules and method of withdrawing money from PF.
 EPFO money can be withdrawn under special circumstances
 According to the rules, the full amount of EPFO ​​can be withdrawn only under special circumstances.  Th…